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Monday, October 18, 2010

Cube Desktop Pro 1.3.1 (Multilang) [Serial Included] [6.68 MB]

Cube Desktop Pro 1.3.1 

Cube Desktop creates six virtual and independent desktops, increasing the space you have to work and play. Being the most robust multiple desktop software, CubeDesktop solves the desktop clutter problem once and for all. Each virtual desktop is a distinct working environment.

The taskbar shows only the applications opened on the current desktop, greatly reducing the clutter. Use the 3D cube to preview, switch or move windows to another desktop. Or just for fun.

* Improve your Windows experience.
* Windows and desktops update in real time, like Windows Vista new thumbnails, but in true 3D.
* Impress everybody that looks at your computer and change the way you work with it!
Moving windows between desktops
* CubeDesktop offers various ways to move applications amongst desktops.
* Drag a window near the edge of the screen to show the 3D cube and drop it on the desktop of your choice.
* “SendTo” menu items integrated into all applications’ system menus allow you to send applications to the desired desktop.
* You can also use hotkeys to move the selected window to another desktop.

install and use text file to register

Mouse and Keyboard Keys: (Right click at startup icon of Cube Desktop)
Drag and Drop by Mouse to move screen (desktop)
Esc to cancel (Get current desktop among 6 desktops)
F7 - 3D Desktop Explorer
F8 - 3D Desktop Flip
F9 - Windows Exposer
F11 - 3D Cube
Ctrl + F8 - Desktop Carousel

Download Here


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