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Monday, November 1, 2010

Get My IP Address

Get My IP Address









et my IP is released to be a versatile and comprehensive program that retrieves and displays your internal and external IP address. You can set it to start, retrieve your IP, place it to clipboard and automatically shutdown itself.

Major Features:
- Incredibly small size. All programs created to use a revolutionary technology from Borland which allow users to keep the program very small as size. Because of this, they require very little hard drive space, usually under 1MB.
- Incredibly low memory usage. Because of this, they require very low free RAM memory.
- Compact. Another characteristic for program is compactness. Generally software is deployed as a single uncompressed exe file.
- System independent. The programs will run in any computer. You do not have to worry about installing other add-ons, updates, service packs, security and system updates, Java, Internet Explorer, DirectX or dotNet stuff.
- No changes in your system. Because or software is system independent, it does not have to make changes to your system. No crappy DLL or services will be installed in your system and no critical registry keys are added, modified or deleted. Your system is safe. In addition, no conflicts with other installed software can appear.
- No install required. Because the software does not need to install DLLs or services and it is very compact, it doesn't have to be installed. Just download the software (unZip it if necessary) and run it. When you finished your job, just delete it.
- No uninstall required. Because it installed no system files in your computer, it doesn't have to be uninstalled. When you finished your job, just delete it.

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