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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or Treat Glass Theme

Trick or Treat Glass Theme











Year : 2010 | OS : Windows 7

Theme includes:

1: Creepers Halloween Countdown gadget
2: UniversalThemePatcher for x86 and x64 systems.
3: fullglass.exe by phantommenace.
4: Zune cpu gadget by Pauliwog.
5: Fonts (Please install prior to installation of theme!)
6: explorer.exe.
7: explorerframe.dll.
8: Shell32.dll.
9: Creeper*s font.
10: And 2 RocketDock skins
11: Wallpapers form the net.

Installation :

1.) Use Universal Theme Patcher To Patch Necessary Windows Files if you didn't it before
2.) Open the 'Theme' folder. which you download
3.) Drag both 'Trick .theme' and the 'Theme' folder to 'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\'
4.) Right click on desktop -> Personalize...there you should see in Installed Themes.Click on it to apply theme.

Download Here


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