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Monday, October 11, 2010

Password Guardian 2.0.1 Portable

Password Guardian 2.0.1 Portable














WinApp | Password Guardian 2.0.1 Portable | 5.26
Ever had a hard time remembering all your passwords? Keep all your passwords on a simple text document on your desktop? Well this software is for you. With Password Guardian you can safely and securely store all your passwords secured by one master password. The high security encryption and storage in Password Guardian ensures that no one can access your personal information. There is also a built in password generator with many different options. Don't forget the easy to use interface which makes storing passwords a breeze.

Password Guardian uses For the protection of consumer data 256-bit AES encryption. This algorithm is one of the most reliable today and is widely used by the developers of such programmes.

The program can be used by multiple users, because each user first creates an account and then you can now start to work with the program.

The program also has a BackUp system with which you can successfully restore your data in the event of loss (for example in the case of system crash or preinstalalirane). To do this, you only need to create your BackUp file, and store it in a safe place. This file can create after you enter and go to Options-> Preferences. The program also has a built-in option to measure, the password you typed. Another useful option is and the built-in account passwords. With it you can generate passwords that you can use if required

ОS : Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7

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