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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mp3Doctor Pro 1.04

Mp3Doctor Pro 1.04

Normalize - Trim - Encode - Decode - Modify Tempo or Pitch - Equalize and more...

In this times, with the usage of many mp3 memory sticks and mp3 players, its very important to have a tool that are capable of optimize and standardize your mp3 collection.

In this Mp3Doctor PRO you can adjust the tempo of the audio without change the speed (Ideal tool for DJs) or vice versa: change the pitch without changing the tempo and listen results in real time BEFORE proccessing the file!.
Normalize.jpg (21 KB) Trim.jpg (26 KB) Single.jpg (19 KB) Batch.jpg (26 KB)

Also you can listen to the equalization of the audio in real time, adjust it and then process the file to keep that equalization as part of your mp3 file.

Try out the new Mp3Doctor PRO and you will enjoy the real high quality of the results.

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