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Friday, October 15, 2010

MiniLyrics v7.0.614 Final

MiniLyrics v7.0.614 Final

New Release: July 26, 2010

An application that helps you view the lyrics of your favorite songs.

MiniLyrics is a fascinating lyrics viewer for synchronizing and displaying lyrics of the currently playing song in Winamp , Winamp 5.x, Windows Media Player, itunes, matchbox, Quintessenial Player, foobar2000.

RealOne Minilyrics makes your music come alive with streaming lyrics that are timed with the song.

You can follow along with the artist and catch every word,and even sing along like a Karaoke machine.

Minilyrics is an application that helps you to view lyrics of your favorite songs.

Minilyrics is Powerful : Minilyrics is fully compatible with all major music players, like Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc.

Minilyrics is Simple to use: As the easiest-to-use Lyrics viewer software, Minilyrics only needs a few steps to install and take you less than 5 mins to have a full version ready for use.

Whenever you launch the any of the media players, the software will automatically get started.

Minilyrics lets you select your favorite skins, fonts, colors and minimize the viewer window to whatever size that you feel comfortable with. The karaoke mode brings you tremendous joy in learning a song by moving the lyrics word by word.

MiniLyrics can display lyrics in: Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Zune, Foobar2000, Songbird, Spotify, MediaMonkey, VLC Media Player, Quintessential Player, The KMPlayer, JetAudio, AIMP2, J. River Media Jukebox, J. River Media Center, XMPlay, Helium Music Manager, AlbumPlayer, Silverjuke, BSPlayer, Yahoo Music Engine, RealPlayer.

MiniLyrics 7.0.614
- MiniLyrics server is under DDoS attack recently, new version can prevent the attack, upgrading is strongly recommended.
- Improved: Solve DDoS attack to MiniLyrics server.
- Fixed: Support VLC 1.1
- Fixed: The display style of floating lyrics will be changed if text lyrics is opened. 

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