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Friday, October 29, 2010

Dragonball Z: Unleashed Mobile Game (240x320)

Dragonball Z: Unleashed Mobile Game 

I used to be a big Dragon Ball fan back when i was a kid... but playing this game brought back some good memories...
this is the first Dragon Ball mobile game(non-rom) that i can say is worth playing! and at 240x320 format it's a must! it also has some good ingame music to!

This game takes place 5 years after the Frieza saga.
Young Gohan and Goku find themselfs training and preparing for the incoming threat that the future Trunks warned them about 5 years back about Dr. Maki Gero's killer androids.
Trunk's comes back from the future in order to help them out but finds out that the timeline has been changed... but the future is still in danger! an so the Cell saga starts!

An excellent fighting game and a must have for any Dragon Ball fan!

Its a Jar format game
so 99% it should work
will work f9 in NOKIA and SONY ERICSSON
Just check the resolution

Download Here


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