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Saturday, October 9, 2010

CrystalMaker 2.3.0

CrystalMaker 2.3.0














RELEASE DATE: 2010-08-17
No OF DISKS: [XX/04]
PRICE: $699.00
WEBSITE: CrystalMaker: Introduction


Welcome to CrystalMaker: an award-winning program
for building, displaying, manipulating and animating
all kinds of crystal & molecular structures

CrystalMaker provides a streamlined workflow that
majors on productivity: just drag-and-drop your data
files into the program for instant display in
spectacular photo-realistic colour. Manipulate
structures in real time, with the mouse. Multiple
View "bookmarks" and undo levels encourage
exploration and discovery - ideal for teaching and

* Build Crystals & Molecules Fast!
With CrystalMaker you can build any kind of crystal
or molecular structure - quickly and easily
Built-in symmetry handling and the elegant
spacegroup browser takes the slog out of
crystallography, and the program will automatically
generate all your bonds and polyhedra

CrystalMaker provides a wide range of model types
including traditional "ball-and-stick"
space-filling, polyhedral, wireframe and thermal
ellipsoids. Each model type can be extensively
customized, with the option of photo-realistic
simpler, line-art display

* Comprehensive Data Import & Export
Load structural data from over 15+ formats
including Cambridge Structures Database, Protein
Data Bank, CIF, GSAS, SHELX, etc. You can work with
virtually unlimited numbers of atoms. Take advantage
of our unique "Depth Profiling" tool, to rapidly
scan ares of interest in massive structures - ideal
for characterizing the results from computer models

A range of output options is available for sharing
data with other programs, saving structural data
bond distances, coordination environments - or even
building web pages with your data

* Outstanding 3D Graphics
Enjoy photo-realistic graphics with depth fading and
perspective - plus spectacular 3D stereo. Benefit
from high-resolution printing and save your graphics
at user-defined sizes to a wide range of formats

Work with massive structures, using depth profiling
and measurement. Bonds and polyhedra are
automatically generated, with full error
propagation, plus cluster shell and coordination
network visualization and powerful output options

* Real-Time Manpulation & Measurement
Click-and-drag with the mouse, use the keyboard, or
toolbar. View parallel to a lattice vector or plane
normal. Continuous plot range settings for millions
of atoms, bonds and polyhedra

Move, detach, duplicate, hide, delete groups of
atoms. Hide or repair molecular fragments - isolate
individual molecules. Display lattice planes in any
orientation; slice the crystal to investigate
surfaces or internal planes - and place one
structure or molecule inside another

Preview coordination environments, clusters and
shells; list bond distances and histograms on screen
or save to disc. Measure bond distances, angles
torsion angles on screen. Calculate angles between
planes and/or vectors

* Animation
CrystalMaker is the first program of its kind to go
beyond static structures, to let you explore
structural behaviour quickly and easily

Just drag-and-drop files into the same window, then
rearrange their thumbnails to build your movie

View thumbnails can be browsed and animated on
screen, with the option of a full-screen slideshow
Manipulate and synchronize views, drag-and-drop
thumbnails to rearrange them, then output the entire
sequence as a QuickTime movie with the new Save as
Movie command

Both Mac and Windows versions let you record
QuickTime movies as you work, with full control over
frame rates and compression settings

* QuickTime VR
CrystalMaker was the first application of its kind
to support QuickTime Virtual Reality (VR). With this
technology, you can save a self-contained
fully-rotatable model of your crystal or molecule
The resulting model can be viewed in any
QuickTime-savvy application or web browser, on Mac
or Windows. Users can rotate the model just by
clicking and dragging the mouse - no complicated
plug-ins to download or interfaces to load! Ideal
for multimedia, presentations and student browsing

* Diffraction Support
Diffraction patterns can be simulated for any
displayed crystal structure, with just a single menu
command - thanks to our CrystalDiffract (powder
diffraction) and SingleCrystal (X-ray, neutron and
TEM single-crystal diffraction) programs
SingleCrystal can be linked with CrystalMaker, so as
you rotate your structure its diffraction pattern
rotates, and vice versa


Do NOT distribute this release outside of the scene
Keep the scene alive and secure!

All good progs start as freeware
then things get worse ... ;-)


Try it, Like it, Buy it!

1. Unpack and install as demo version
2. Replace the file(s) with the included one(s)
3. Copy WinCMDem.exe as WinCM.exe in the same dir

NOTE: For your convenience we have included also
many additional retail example files

That's all. Have fun using it!

Download Here


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