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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blue Atom Antivirus 2010 Hybrid System 2.1.00

Blue Atom Antivirus 2010 Hybrid System

Protect, Remove, and Repair from virus with this software

The Blue Atom Antivirus application was developed to be a simple antivirus that can be used to detect and repair your computer from viruses.

Blue Atom Antivirus has a special engine to faster scan & repair your registry. Registry is very useful & very dangerous if virus attack it. Secondary engine is "Heuristic Engine", this function is detected new virus and block the virus.

Here are some key features of "Blue Atom Antivirus 2010 Hybrid System":

· Low consume RAM in idle system(it consume only 16 MB.)
· Autorun Protector + Anti-Stolen flash disk(the flash disk is given the name which is difficult to be erased)
· With feature Auto-Scan Removable Disk.
· Dual core scanning engine & dual core indexing filename, so Blue Atom Antivirus has quad core engine


· Ram minimum 64 MB, Recommended 128 MB
· Hard Disk 30 MB for main-system and 10 MB temporary, so recommended 50-75 MB
· Great resolution: 1280x1024

What's New in This Release:
In new version, RAM requirement is cutting 4x to 16 MB before 64 MB(Version
· 2.00.15) and before 256 MB(below 2.00.15). So scanning engine can faster than below version 2.1.00. Start-up in this version is faster than previous version, around 10 second.

· In version 2.1.00, Real Time Protection is off, because it can't working well. So I turn off this feature."

· RTP: Protection is off now(2.1.00), because I now research new code for it.
· GUI: New Graphic User Interface.
· GUI: New Scanning Form.
· System Core: Up performance for scanning.
· System Core: Stopped silent mode(because it not important).
· System Core: Reduce RAM usage in standby mode.
· System Core: Reduce crash system in scanning removable drive.
· System Core: Reduce crash file not found.
· System Core: External #2 database(small database) is online now! You can download it at
· Autorun Protector: Update & new lock from viruses.
· Autorun Protector: New Feature to reduce stolen your removable disk.

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